• We know how hard it is to pass a certification exam and what it takes to get there — knowledge.

    Certifyteacher develops the highest quality test prep products so you can pass your certification exam on your first try.

    Let us help you.

  • Fully compliant

    With the most current
    core standards and
    testing technology for
    educator certification.

    The full package in
    interactive practice tests!

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  • The smart way to practice for the real exam.

    • Exceptional realistic test questions
    • Explanations for all responses — right and wrong
    • Graphical performance analysis report to gauge your progress over time

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  • Find answers to these four
    critical questions.

    • What do exam questions look like?
    • In what topic and skill areas am I
      proficient or deficient?
    • How should I focus my studies?
    • Am I ready for the real exam?

    Let us help you.

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