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Music: Content Knowledge

Music: Content Knowledge (5113)

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  • Get a 90% or higher score in 3 practice exams within 2 weeks of the official test date.
  • Complete all the assigned quizzes recommended by the Study Plan Tracker.
  • The Study Plan Tracker must be turned on throughout your studying preparation.

(You must be a first-time taker of the real exam.)

Music: Content Knowledge (5113)

Everything You Need to Know

The Music: Content Knowledge test is designed to assess a beginning music teacher’s knowledge and understanding of music and music education. Examinees taking this test will typically have completed, or will have nearly completed, an undergraduate music education program. The test content assesses key indicators of the beginning educator’s musical knowledge and professional readiness for K–12 music instruction required for individuals teaching courses to students in instrumental, vocal, or general music settings, or who will teach courses drawn from any combination of these three areas. Such knowledge is acquired through completion of an undergraduate music education degree program. The material in the test, therefore, is not appropriate for those hired in an adjunct capacity to teach a single element of the curriculum (e.g., those hired to teach only individual lessons or classes on a single instrument). The content covered by this exam is organized into areas called Content Categories. This exam has 4 categories. Here’s the list of these categories:

  1. Music History and Literature
  2. Theory and Composition
  3. Performance
  4. Pedagogy, Professional Issues, and Technology

Content Categorie:

I. Music History and Literature

Approximate Number of Questions:


Approximate Percentage of Examination:


Content Categorie:

II. Theory and Composition

Approximate Number of Questions:


Approximate Percentage of Examination:


Content Categorie:

III. Performance

Approximate Number of Questions:


Approximate Percentage of Examination:


Content Categorie:

IV. Pedagogy, Professional Issues, and Technology

Approximate Number of Questions:


Approximate Percentage of Examination:


Types of test questions on this exam

    • Selecting one choice from a list of choices.
    • Selecting more than one choice from a list of choices.
    • Typing in a numeric-entry box. When the answer is a number, you may be asked to enter a numerical answer. Some questions may have more than one entry box to enter a response. Numeric-entry questions typically appear on mathematics-related tests.
    • Selecting parts of a graphic. In some questions, you will select your answers by selecting a location (or locations) on a graphic such as a map or chart, as opposed to choosing your answer from a list.
    • Selecting sentences. In questions with reading passages, you may be asked to choose your answers by selecting a sentence (or sentences) within the reading passage.
    • Dragging and dropping answer choices into targets on the screen. You may be asked to select answers from a list of choices and to drag your answers to the appropriate location in a table, paragraph of text or graphic.
    • Selecting answer choices from a drop-down menu. You may be asked to choose answers by selecting choices from a drop-down menu (e.g., to complete a sentence).
Source: PRAXIS Study Companion, p14

With Certify Teacher test prep allPraxis test question types are covered besides multiple choice:

  • Typing in an entry box
  • Clicking checkboxes
  • Clicking parts of a graphic
  • Clicking on sentences
  • Dragging and dropping answer choices
  • Selecting answer choices from a drop-down menu
Caution: Other test preps out there don't carry these types of questions and they won't tell you. We've got you covered.


We've got you covered. We've got them all. The real test is a computer-delivered test. These types of tests are interactive is the sense that instead of selecting a correct answer, you will have to select more than one option to produce the correct answer, or you may have to use technology, for example, that has you drag-and-drop answer choices into "targets" onscreen to produce the correct answer. But no worries. We've got you covered. We've got them all in our full-length practice tests.

Get comfortable with the test before taking the real thing.

Caution: other test preps out there don't carry these types of questions and they won't tell you. Prep smart. Invest wisely.

How Do I Prepare for the PRAXIS?

You should not attempt the PRAXIS test until you're scoring 90% or higher in at least 3 Certify Teacher practice exams within 2 weeks of the official test date. Turn the Study Plan Tracker feature in your Certify Teacher test prep on and follow the recommendations of this Study Plan to complete assignments that target content you were found deficient so you can master them.

In addition, read the explanatory commentaries for all answer choices, including the rationales that explain the incorrect answers because these commentaries may explain a skill or clarify knowledge that will answer a question in the real exam. Take advantage of all the resources available to you in the Certify Teacher test prep so you can take the real Praxis exam with confidence and be successful in it.

Where Do I Take the PRAXIS?

The Praxis Core Tests and the Praxis Subject tests have deadlines throughout the year, while other Praxis exams are scheduled through more limiting windows.

You should search for testing centers for your desired exam, test date, and cost on the Praxis testing service website, which includes online or "home testing" options.

In order to qualify for the home test option, you must live in the U.S. or a U.S. territory and meet specific requirements regarding equipment and environment.

How is the PRAXIS Scored?

Scoring Praxis exams involve scoring both selected-response and constructed-response questions, each with its own scoring scale. Selected-response questions are scored by computer on a scale from 100 to 200. Each selected-response question answered correctly is worth one raw point.

Constructed-response questions are scored by education professionals in the appropriate content area on a scale of 1 to 6, with 6 being the highest score and 1 being the lowest.

After taking the exam, your score reports are available in your ETS account approximately 21 days after the exam date.

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Is the PRAXIS test hard?

Educational background, familiarity with the material, test- taking skills, and overall preparation are some of the many factors to consider in predicting how hard a given Praxis test is for any specific person. Add to that the fact that there are over 90 different Praxis tests.

In addition, read the explanatory commentaries Although some test-takers may breeze through one or more of these exams, many will find at least some of them challenging. The most recent data available for the Praxis Elementary Education test, a content knowledge exam required in 18 states, indicates that only 46% of test takers will pass all four subjects the first time they take the exam.

What if I don't pass my PRAXIS test?

As far as ETS is concerned, if you are unable to pass a Praxis test on your first attempt, you may retake the exam after 21 days (ETS has no limit on how many times the Praxis can be taken). However, before applying for a retake be sure you are in compliance with the rules and regulations of your education agency.

Before retaking a Praxis exam, identify what went wrong in the original exam. Did you run out of time to revise? Did stress get the best of you in the exam room? Examine your score report and identify the content categories you scored low.

Certify Teacher test prep approximates the environment of the real PRAXIS test with similar interface, navigation, timing and prompt settings, question formats, question types and content. The full-length practice tests in the prep test mimic the real PRAXIS exam and can help you with your retake. You get a comprehensive performance analysis after every full-length exam you take. It creates a Study Plan for you and provides you with a solution to master content on which you need improvement.

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Pass the real test. Guaranteed, or your money back.
We stand behind the quality of our interactive practice tests as well as your results on exam day with Certify Teacher Money Back Guarantee. Do the basic work recommended by Certify Teacher and, in return, we will guarantee that you'll pass the real certification exam, or your money back.


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  • Explanatory commentaries for every answer choice - correct and incorrect answers.
  • Every content category extensively covered with items that assess the skills and knowledge listed in the exam manual.
  • All question types covered: multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, click-on-the-box, drop-down, click-on-sentence, click-on-graph, constructed-response.
    Caution: other test preps out there don't carry these types of questions and they won't tell you. We've got you covered.
  • Prep with the same test interface and question types of the real test. With Certify Teacher you know you're studying for real thing.

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  • You get a comprehensive performance analysis after every full-length exam you take.
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  • The Study Plan list assignments in the platform you area to engage in to help you master content you were found deficient in the analysis.
  • Certify Teacher provides more than just official practice tests.
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  • Test items area written by subject area specialists and address every domain and competency listed in the body of knowledge of the test, targeting every skill and knowledge.
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  • Study Mode allows candidates to build quizzes that atrget only the competencies they were found deficient on their last test. The set of questions in Study Mode is diferrent from those that list in the full-length practice tests.
  • Flashcards help candidates drill their knowledge of key education terms. concepts and research and/or theories relavant to the content of their exams.