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Use the excerpt below to answer the question that follows.

What articulation is indicated in the notated example?



The item above measures Competency 004 (Standard Music Notation)
The intent of this question is to assess whether the beginning teacher knows standard music terminology and identifies and interprets music symbols and terms from notation.
Among the many terms used by composers are those used to specify articulation or how musical notes are to be performed in terms of length, smoothness, or attack.   General articulation terms in vocal and instrumental music are staccato, marcato, and legato.   Terms more specific to stringed instruments are martele and pizzicato.
Answer A is incorrect.   Sforzando is a musical direction strongly accent a note, to be played in a "forced" way.   The abbreviation for sforzando used in a musical score is sfz.   This answer does not reflect a correct response to the question.
Answer B is incorrect.   Marcato is a musical term meaning "marked, stressed, or accented."   This can mean each note is emphasized or accented to some degree.   The superlative form of the word is marcatissimo.    This answer does not reflect a correct response to the question.
The correct answer is C.  Staccato is a detached, separated articulation of playing or singing.   It is indicated by a dot above or below the notehead.   The effect will be a short note that begins and ends abruptly.
Answer D is incorrect.   Portamento is a musical direction to carry the sound very smoothly (very legato) from note to note, and sounding pitches in between any two notated pitches.    This is used most often in vocal and string music.   This answer does not reflect a correct response to the question.  The correct answer is C.
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